Experienced Professionals

DataBP provides industry best practices gathered from two decades of experience working on behalf of exchanges, vendors and service providers.

We have experience performing data admin for an exchange, a vendor, an extranet and an industry service provider. We can help with any aspect of market data admin.

Developing policy and pricing model

Designing and implementing business processes

Managed Technology

We have built our solution using today’s technology -- web-based tools, custom workflows, data sharing and much more. We don’t consider these to be features, they are simply part of the foundation of our solution.

Our technology builds on an enterprise platform to provide business processes tailored to your needs

Truly rapid application development

Technology that meets security and privacy needs of any organization

Integration with your corporate systems

Operations Staff

Operations and business processes built the right way, to allow the community to benefit

Even with first-rate technology, market data administration is still going to require significant effort from trained admin operations staff.

We provide a staffing solution to complement our technology

We can manage a team at your site or we can provide trained offshore staff at the lowest cost